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Govt extends $72.3 million to 16 Local Authorities

Professor Mthuli Ncube

In a move to prevent a potential health crisis, The government has availed $72.3 to 16 local authorities to ensure that safe clean water is provided to the residents they serve, the Daily News reports. The allocation came days after treasury availed $32 Million to the Harare local authority to buy water treatment chemicals when they announced they were shutting down their water plant Morton Jaffray due to lack of chemicals.

Mthuli Ncube said after dealing with the Harare City Council’s issue discovered that other local authorities were facing the same problem. Said the Finance Minister:

Here is the breakdown of how the funds will be distributed according to Professor Ncube.

  1. The country’s second-largest municipality, City of Bulawayo was allocated $18,3 million to be channelled towards rehabilitation of 77 boreholes, drilling of additional boreholes at Nyamandlovu aquifer, construction of a pump house, pipeline and reservoir as well as rehabilitation of collapsed outfall sewer for Aisleby Farm.
  2. Chitungwiza will receive $6,4 million for drilling and equipping of 25 boreholes,
  3. Bindura $5,6 million for sewer rehabilitation
  4. Gweru will be allocated $7 million.
  5. Plumtree will get $1,8 million
  6. Mutare $8,9 million.

According to the same publication, Harare says it is owed about $1 billion by government, companies and residents in unpaid rates while Bulawayo indicated that it is owed over $189 million.

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Source: Pindula