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Minister Ndlovu – We are going to reconstruct shops burnt during January protests

This was revealed by the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Nqobizitha Mangaliso Ndlovu. The government says the first stage of assisting businesses that lost their merchandise during the January 2019 riots has been accomplished and is now at the final stage.

He said: The first stage was to give loans to all whose stocks were looted earlier this year. They have started paying back and we are getting close to a $1 million every month in repayments. We have also managed to assist retailers whose equipment was damaged.

… We are now working on the final stage (of assisting businesses that were affected during the demonstrations), which is reconstructing the burnt down structures.

We expect that by the end of October we should be nearing a process whereby we will be handing over the facilities and this shows that the Government is committed to assisting industry and commerce.

Violent citizens’ protests broke out earlier this year after the government hiked the price of fuel by more than 150 percent. Angry citizens took to the streets with some going on a looting rampage of businesses.

In other news – 39 Years-old Ugandan Woman Gives Birth to 44 Kids

A Ugandan woman who is considered to be the world’s most fertile woman has given birth to 44 kids while she is only 39 years of age. Mariam Nabatanzi said her hormones aren’t compatible with oral contraceptives. She has given birth to six sets of twins, four sets of triplets and five sets of quadruplets.

39 Years-old Ugandan Woman1

In total, she gave birth to 44 children but six died from complications that often arise in multiple births. Mariam’s husband abandoned his family three tears ago and she has the burden of taking care of the children by herself. continue reading

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