Zanu-PF urged to fight nepotism

ZANU-PF national commissar Cde Victor Matemadanda has said the party and Government should pull in one direction to deliver the revolutionary party’s election promises.

Cde Matemadanda also said heads of parastatals must toe the party line so that what is contained in Zanu-PF’s election manifesto is delivered.

He was speaking during the Zanu-PF Midlands Provincial Co-ordinating Committee meeting at the Winery Convention Centre in Gweru on Saturday.

Cde Matemadanda said Zanu-PF must fight nepotism to unite people in all its structures.

“We have parastatals and we fail to control those people. We don’t want that. If one is appointed to lead a board and then say I am a professional, I have no political inclination; we don’t want a parastatal that has opposition people,” he said.

“We won an election using the Zanu-PF manifesto which must pay dividends. We can’t have a party going in one direction and Government business the other direction. This should serve as a warning. If you are in a board and ED approved your appointment you then need to toe the line. We will not shy away from this mandate we got from the people. Democracy should recognise the wishes of the majority.”

Cde Matemadanda also spoke on the decision to bury the late ex-President Robert Mugabe at his rural home, Zvimba after the family had initially agreed that he should be buried at the National Heroes Acre.

“When he was alive, Mugabe refused to honour the wishes of the dead saying their wishes can’t be followed. Now what has changed? (Joshua) Nkomo, Benjamin Burombo etc all buried at Heroes Acre. Now we have a coffin being opened morning, afternoon and evening like a fridge. Julius Malema (EFF leader) came and it was opened,” he said.

“My mother died and we buried her. Malema, dull, an ANC reject was the one saying Mugabe was too old and today he is sent by G40.”

Cde Matemadanda said the late former President has no influence on the direction of the country.

“Bob is dead and dead and nothing more. Those who think that the governance of the country has to do with the dead, they must go to the graveyard,” said Cde Matemadanda.

He said Zanu-PF has been winning council and Parliamentary by–elections which shows that people have confidence in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s leadership.

He said there are individuals who want to be bigger than the party. “Councillor how did you get more votes than the MP? MP give us your strategy, how did you become popular than the party and the President. There should be consistency. There should be unity of purpose. We must all pull in the same direction as we go towards 2023,” Cde Matemadanda said.

“We need to identify our own cadres, our own people who have the party at heart because we can’t afford to have people who use money to destroy the party. Put that money into the party. We need that addressed and do away with indiscipline.”

He said Zanu-PF has an ideology and structures and people should shun regionalism, nepotism and corruption in assuming positions. “Now we have some saying Harare is ours, Manicaland is ours. That must stop. We want representation by a party member anywhere in the country. We must do away with nepotism, we must do away with tribalism,” said Cde Matemadanda.

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Source: Chronicle

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