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Faith Nketsi is just too much – Pictures



Faith Nketsi

Thousands, if not millions, have criticized, called names and many other various negative activities towards Insta hottie and event hoster, Faith Nketsi. What we have learned is that, in order to conquer all this bad energy especially from social media, you simply Ignore, just like she has done and still doing.

This is what has made her what she is today and she keeps proving that she is too much. We talk of fashion, looks, and style, Faith makes it all look wonderful. She never disappoints every time she posts something new on her social platforms, and for that, she is just too much.

On her recent snaps, she shared how much Peace means in her life and she said, ‘I will unfriend, uncousin, unfamily a draining soul QUICK. My peace is everything✌🏽 💛’.

Why Peace? Because that is what makes her who she is!

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