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Cheating wife in trouble after side lover leaks N.U.D.E.S

Temptation Mugwenhi

A woman’s marriage is at the brink of collapse after her boyfriend leaked n#de pictures of them together when she ended the affair.

The local tabloid, H-Metro reported that Temptation Mugwenhi who is married to Gladyman Gurupirai who works in South Africa is entangled in a nasty fall out with her boyfriend Zondai Zuze. Taking advantage of her husband’s absence, Mugwenhi is alleged to have been having an affair with Zuze for over a year and only recently ended the affair following her husband’s return.

Temptation Mugwenhi who works as a teller at a supermarket in Highfield told the publication that Zuze was sending their nud3 pictures to her superiors at work, her husband and to the media in an attempt to punish her with revenge p0rn0graphy.

“My husband is back from South Africa, so I told Zuze that we must stop but he won’t have any of that.

“The man he saw me with is not my other boyfriend as he is alleging, but my husband. “Ndakamuti ngatimbomira but haasikuda, Zuze came to our house and started beating up people, akatorova vanhu nezuro and nyaya yake iri kupolice kutaura kuno.

”What angers me most is that I took care of him with the money my husband sent for my upkeep but he is just ungrateful and now wants to expose me.

“He is just a bitter someone who cannot move on with his life, akuramba kurambwa and I have bruises from his beatings,” said Mugwenhi.

Contacted for comment, Zuze alleged that Mugwenhi lied to him that she was not married.

“I have been with Temptation for almost one year three months and we were now having unprotected s.e.x because I had grown to love her that much but I later discovered she was married to a man who works in South Africa.

“I confronted her over the issue and she told me she has since separated with him on the grounds that he no longer takes care of the family or buys food.

“She has even gone to the extent of dating other men and a few days ago akandidhumhanisa,” said Zuze.

Efforts to contact Gurupira were in vain since his phone was not reachable. Mugwenhi and Gurupira are blessed with two children.

Source – iHarare/H-Metro

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