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Meet Zimbabwe’s fitness bunny Mimie

Meet Zimbabwe’s fitness bunny Mimie. She is the talk of the town at the moment, the body she possesses is worth dying for. Serving stunning summer body goals. Check her profile below as she explains what made her start living healthy and living the fitness life.

“Two years ago I weighed 95kgs and as much as I told myself that I’m beautiful the way I am “big-boned “ I would say, Deep down I wasn’t happy.


l started having health problems (high blood pressure) and my energy levels were on the low most tymz. At the same time, I let people into my head, they used to call me all sorts of names (Fatso,maf dhan’a, dhafu, Chibhora etc) and I hated it, I got so insecure with the way I looked, I couldn’t even look in the mirror…


it was up to me to change all that,I ended up being a gym addict and lost 27kgs in 7 months and again I wasn’t happy cz I let people into my head again, I was now being asked the last tym I got tested 🤦🏽‍♀ that’s wen it kicked



its not about any1 but the person I see in the mirror and grew a thick skin,I’m now sitting on 75kgs and I’ve never been so comfortable in my own skin…. I don’t need to go under the knife…. all I need is my boxing gloves and weights…….DO YOU BE YOU FOR YOU “ said.

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