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Mai Titi strikes: Goes on the offensive yet again: Pics

Felistas Edwards

Mai Titi strikes: Goes on the offensive yet again: Pics. Mai Titi’s real name Felistas Edwards popularity on answering or clapping back at critics is growing each and every day. Whenever she posts something and receives a negative comment she never grows tired of throwing a punch back. Yes, it might be okay to resist cyberbullying but as a role model to others, we think she must restain a little bit.

This comes after she fired back at one of her fan who had commented on her Instagram post in which she had posted a picture holding a baby and captioned it “Ndimitiseiwo” check the picture below

Mai Titi

This is the picture and one of her fans replied with a comment below

Mai T fan

This did not go well with some of her fans who reacted to her comment trying to make mai Titi see how wrong she was. Take a look at some of the comments below

Mai Titi comments

Is Mai Titi taking it too serious or she is just setting her boundaries? What’s your take?

Source – MbareTimes

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