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Best & Worst dressed Celebs on the Feather Awards’ pink carpet – Pictures

Best & Worst dressed at the Feather awards

What a beautiful month October is turning out to be. We may be missing the rain, but celebrations are raining down in SA – particularly for our beautiful LGBTQI+ community.

The African Pride Month edition of Le Grand Ball is happening in Jozi on October 25, while the annual Johannesburg Pride Parade and Festival is set for October 26. Last night saw the 11th edition of the Feather Awards take place in the City of Gold.

The LGBTQI+ community has long been alienated and excluded, but when it celebrates it wants to INCLUDE everybody. That’s why the Feather Awards honour not only members of the queer community, but also its allies. They aim to raise awareness for LGBTQI+ issues and challenges, while paying tribute to the most fabulous, humorous and scandalous celebs in Mzansi.

Thanks to this wonderful spirit of inclusivity, we got to see the best and worst dressed of all of SA’s A-listers on the pink carpet at this event.

Here’s who slayed and who dismayed with their wardrobe choices:

We wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection from this award-winning fashion designer, but Mnisi stole the show with this look. He paired his masculine suit with an OTT sequined polo neck and embellished it with crystal drops.

Dare we say he took some inspiration from Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look? Wherever he got it, we thank him for bringing it to our pink carpet and congratulate him on winning the Hunk of the Year Award.



This transgender influencer, who prefers to be identified as non-gender, scooped up the Hot Chick of the Year Award. She’s also getting an accolade from us for her jaw-dropping gown in a trending colour.

Yes, it’s overly dramatic, but its grounded in good taste. Krayzi K’s styling and makeup was the cherry on top of an already delicious cake.


This award-winning African hip-hop artist is proof that you do not need to “peacock” to make it onto our best-dressed list. Her look offered us a masculine-femininity; a thoughtful outfit for this kind of celebration.

Showing off her tatted decolletage in a striped blazer paired with black pants, Gigi was able to be both s.e.xy and sophisticated – something many of the attendees tried to do but failed. She gets bonus points for her luscious locks, statement earrings and the cutest clutch we ever did see.

Gigi Lamayne

The musician’s dress is lovely, but it’s how she put her whole look together that earns her a spot on our best-dressed list. Her large silver alice-band, silver statement earrings

and silver heels took her outfit from being just another beaded dress to shimmering perfection – proof that styling can work wonders on any outfit.


While the grey feathers are a novel touch – although a little too feather duster looking for our liking – this outfit doesn’t represent how fabulous this media personality really is.

Regardless of the overall effect he was going for, the styling is off too. That black shirt is too stark a contrast to his drab burnt red suit. Perhaps a white shirt could have saved this look.

Lasizwe Dambuza

While wearing feathers to the Feather Awards is a little too on the nose for us, it’s not our real issue with the reality TV star’s outfit.

A feathered bikini-like outfit could be fabulous – think Victoria’s Secret Angels strutting the catwalk – but why has Skolopad added a third tier of feathers around her middle? Why for that matter is she wearing a stocking onesie, or a lace shawl over her face?

This entertainer likes to be controversial for controversy’s sake. So mission accomplished Skolopad, you’ve earned a spot on our worst-dressed list.


It’s somewhat ironic that the TV personality took home the award for Best Styled Human ended up on our worst-dressed list.

Normally we would agree that LootLove has the most fabulous sense of style, but we feel let down by her severe hairstyle and the colour of her frock. Why wear brown when you had all the hues of the Pride rainbow to choose from?


For some reason, the beautiful radio host opted to wear an ill-fitting, ill-coloured wedding dress circa 2002. Her hair and makeup seemed to emphasize the overall drabness of her look. Kudos on keeping in character head-to-toe, we guess.


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