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MDC VP: This situation cannot last 6 months

Tendai Biti

MDC VP: This situation cannot last for 6 months. Former Finance Minister, Tendai Biti who is also the opposition MDC Deputy President has projected that the Zimbabwean economic which is already unbearable cannot last for a period of six months.

His remarks come when the inflation hit country is facing severe starvation, has a huge deficit in power, fuel, water, and medicines. Posting on Twitter this Friday, Biti said:

The wheels have literally come off and the fan has hit the roof. There has basically been no power for the last 24 hours in many hoods including Harare s CBD. There has hardly been any drop of fuel in gas stations. Prices are at war in shops. This situation can’t last for 6 months.

The opposition MDC and some analysts attribute the country’s crisis to

President “Emmerson Mnangagwa’s illegitimacy” and mismanagement of the country’s resources.

On the other hand, the government and its sympathisers blame sanctions, “economic saboteurs” such as “errant businesses”, the opposition MDC “which is throwing spanners in the government’s way” and natural disasters caused by climate change.

Source – Pindula News

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