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Londie London – This is my Amazing look for the weekend

Londie London

Londie London is not a new name on social media, especially for South Africans. She is a social media goddess, whose curvaceous body has attracted followers and fans. Apart from being a social media icon, she is also an

artist whose musical career is fantastic, mainly because she sings romantic music. Londie is also an entrepreneur. She is the whole reason behind ‘Laced by Londie London.

Talk about her weekend look, she is beautiful and this is why her fans love her so much and they keep wanting more form her. She is ambitious and her hard work is paying up now. Londie London is not stopping and the way she is advancing towards her dreams is actually motivating. From being a socialite to a musician now she is launching her clothesline, girl the speed you are moving with is terrifying.

Londie London

Londie London is one of the luckiest people in South Africa. She is the real definition of African goddess. Her curvy body has helped her build her brand as a model and earned her so much fame. She is so passionate about women empowerment that she chose to come up with a lingerie line. Her reason for investing in this business is evidence of this. She aims at making sure that women feel confident and sexy in their bodies. Apart from that, Londie is also a romantic Afro-pop artist. Her music is getting so much attention and earning her many fans, even though she is still young in the industry.