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Olinda Chapel’s letter to her son

Olinda Chapel

Olinda Chapel’s letter to her son. The socialite and businesswoman penned a sweet and cute letter to her son as he turns into a man. Here is the letter below

If ever you meet a girl and have a baby with that girl, know every thing changes from that day. Whether you were ready or not that is the day you become a man. Whether you love the mother or not, whether she is a witch or prostitute. That is never a reason to turn your back on your own child. I swear I will kick your ass to kingdom come and remind you, how you were raised by a Queen. You will do right by that child. You will love and protect. You will be a provider and ensure that child is never lacking anyone or needing anything.

Even if it means you get a cleaning job or work McDonald’s. You do everything it takes. Because you brought into this world someone that now depends on you. If you don’t know how I will teach you how to be a father because at some point I was both

mother and father. No son of mine will ever turn back on my grandchildren no matter the circumstances. Be a man, a good man.


God will never bless anything you do mwanangu if you can’t look out for that one responsibility he gave you. I rebuke any tears to fall by your hand, because such tears command Gods attention. I always want you to be on the right side of God. Do right by your blood and I promise God will do right by you. I love you son and I know I raised a king.

Source – MbareTimes

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