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Research shows Men love women with curves

Men love women with curves
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Curves or no curves, that’s the question on most men’s minds among the qualities they look for when picking their partners.

And research data confirms that men are attracted to women with a shapely and curvy waist. A 2017 Fit Rated study about men’s physical preferences in their partners found they were easily drawn to curvaceous women.

But what do men perceive as “curvy”? The informal definition boils down to a woman with big bums, flat stomach, perky B00BS and thick rounded thighs.

Corazon Kwamboka
Corazon Kwamboka

According to Sibulelo Dlamini, he only d

ates curvy women because they turn him on and tend to have a great personality. Said Sibulelo: “When it comes to women, I only date thick women because they fascinate me.

“Also, I seem to only fall for thick women. I don’t have a problem with thin women, but they kind of seem like men with BOOBS sometimes, which is a turn-off.”

Sibulelo said his experience had shown him thick women outperformed skinny girls in the bedroom.

“Thick women’s confidence is really what I’m attracted to more than anything else,” said Sibulelo.


“I think sometimes it’s not about the curves but the person they are on the inside.

“This as most curvy women tend to be an open book and are good at expressing their feelings, which is what men are attracted to.”

But Thabo Cele said there’s nothing special about bums because, at the end of the day, everyone has them.

Explained Thabo: “I can’t be fascinated by a big boooty, breasts or curves because they aren’t even real these days.

“I don’t even partake in those kinds of discussions because they’re all about satisfying someone’s se.xual fantasies. Also, guys end up showing how perverted they are.

“I prefer a woman who makes me happy. That means she’s willing to make me happy in bed. In the end, bums and BOOBS have no significant role. At best, they’re just a decoration.”

Source – Daily Sun

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