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Lady Zamar wears whatever she Likes


Social media has a bunch of miserable, low-life users who never miss the chance to project their hate onto others. Unfortunately, when you’re a celeb you become their number one prey, and Lady Zamar has been cyberbullied to the moon and back.

Last month, it was fellow industry mate and gqom’ artist Babes Wodumo who made rude remarks about her acne the musician, and while she eventually admitted to her wrong doings, Lady Zamar said that she had not received an apology. Last year, the Collide songstress was bullied for her fashion sense, but was receiving compliments for her “new and improved fashion choices”.


Still on that tip, she

recently received compliments for a yellow floral dress she wore. But, like we said, “miserable, low-life users”!

A tweep made a comment about how the musician may dress well now, but she “has a habit” of wearing the same dresses in different colours and only changes her shoes. The user then added that “this tweet was coming from a good place”. The Nerve!

The Love Is Blind singer’s fans came at her defense, but she also clapped back.
She made it painfully clear to the troll that the clothes were hers and she does not need her advice and should therefore “stay in her own closet”.

Source: News365