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Vimbai Zimuto celebrates million milestone

Zimuto Vimbai

Vimbai Zimuto celebrates a million milestones. Netherlands based singer Vimbai Zimuto’s hard work has finally paid off after her video of Hakuna Kwaunoenda reached a million views on YouTube. The video which dropped hot on the heels of her provocative nude beach photos has become her first to reach 1 158 862 as of last week.

“I’m really super excited and totally over the moon,” she told Gem Nation News. The video was directed by Simba Gee and music produced by Spencer Masango who was behind most of Betty Makaya’s hits.  While for other international artists a million views might be little, it is still a big deal for upcoming
artists like Vimbai who previously were not known on the mainstream music scene.

Vimbai got social media into overdrive with users debating whether it was art or sheer nudity. In a series of nude photos she dropped on her official Instagram and Facebook pages, Vimbai showed her torso at the beach. The Hakuna Kwaunoenda singer captioned the picture: “Chooseday. My hopes, Aspirations,
Dreams, Goals and Inner feelings @ex_po_sed_by_nature @yairypey #afrolove If I don’t concentrate on them I may be of existence . . . But I seize to Live. #nungu #inspiration#confidence #lioness #MissZimuto”

Keen to probe the motive behind the risqué nude photo, Vimbai was happy to share her views.
“For me it’s about owning my thing. I am doing me,” she said. She explained when pressed further for comment on the sexy beach photo shoot: “Firstly, that picture has made an impact at so many levels the reason being that I posted it. It’s not leaked or anything.

Vimbai Zimuto

“Secondly, People are talking about the photo and that is most important. I am getting views on that with some saying it’s against our culture and others see it as just art. I have been approached by other artists including sculptors and painters who want to carve or draw the same picture.”

For the uneducated such marketing strategies are viewed as being provocative yet Vimbai is making big statements. You need to see art for what it is and this is the direction Vimbai is taking her followers.

Source – Zimetro

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