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Platinum Prince’s grandmother speaks out

Gogo Ivy Mutakura

Platinum Prince’s grandmother speaks out. With many theories flying, the chanter’s granny – Gogo Ivy Mutakura – told H-Metro that she is worried about her grandson who was reportedly bashed. Gogo Mutakura said she has lodged a complaint with the police who promised to investigate on the issue surrounding the pictures circulating on social media.

Mystery still surrounds dancehall chanter Platinum Prince’s whereabouts as his maternal grandmother is yet to locate him. Born Ian Makiwa, the controversial chanter sent the social media abuzz after pictures of his face which appeared battered and bruised went viral.

Gogo Mutakura said she last spoke to him three months ago when he left for South Africa. “It has
been long since I heard from him. “I am the one who took care of him after his mother died. “He is very intelligent and he also scored good marks at school. “Ian left for South Africa indicating that he was going to look for better opportunities across Limpopo.

“He doesn’t call maybe zvakamuomerawo,” she said. She added: “Yesterday when I was in a kombi to town I learned that Ian was assaulted and that’s the time I saw the pictures. “With much confusion along with his aunt, we went to the Harare Central Police Station where we lodged a complaint. “In the kombi, I was told he was found along Chiremba road with scars and bleeding all over.

“While we were at the police they made several phone calls to different police stations asking about this. “After the calls, they told us they will continue to investigate and they will get back to us if they find anything. “Up to now, we are worried about him.”

Gogo Mutakura also told H-Metro that have proved futile as his mobile number and efforts to get
in touch with Platinum Prince his wife’s are not going through. Another Zim dancehall chanter believes Platinum Prince’s alleged assault might be a fabrication meant to facilitate his return to musk.


However, his close friends like Tocky Vibes, Quonfuzed and T Man among other chanters said they
are not sure about the issue. They said they are yet to receive the correct version of the issue since there are many theories surrounding the controversy. The chanter (name withheld) claimed that these are fabricated claims from the chanter to gain public sympathy and cheap publicity.

“Haaa mufana uya apera saka kutsvaka comeback. “It’s not true that he was assaulted but they are just making up the story so that people sympathize with him. “I am afraid if my name is disclosed I will give him zvekuimba he will direct the diss at me and that only will give him prominence. “They are just fabrications meant to suit his goals.

Platinum Prince

“Haachina zvekuimba apera zvake. “It’s a stage-managed incident because if you look closely at the pictures, you can see the originals were tampered with,” said the chanter. Added the chanter “Look closely at those pictures, that black color is normally noticed when a wound is healing. “I can give a close example, look at Horror (dancehall chanter who was recently assaulted), the clot is genuine. “He is faking the assault.”

Source – Zimetro

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