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Jackie Ngarande vs Amanda Zuva: Lorraine Guyo clears the air

Lorraine Guyo

Jackie Ngarande vs Amanda Zuva: Lorraine Guyo clears the air. Lorraine Guyo has dismissed reports that she has been influenced by big names to have s.e.x with men for her to get popular, as Amanda Zuva, Jackie Ngarande fight over her.

There has been a war of words between socialite Zuva Habane and Jackie Ngarande with Jackie accusing Zuva of pushing Lorraine into sleeping with men to get famous. It is alleged that Lorraine, of the Ndinyengeiwo skit, had an abortion after she was influenced to get in bed with a number of men.

In an interview, Lorraine denied ever aborting any pregnancy. “Whoever raised or said that I did an abortion should come and I am ready to go to any doctor. “In fact chero 50 different doctors vavasingazive and vandisingazivewo so that we confirm kana ndakambobvira ndakaita nhumbu muhupenyu hwangu hwese,” said Guyo.

This was after Ngarande took to her social media pages warning Zuva against influencing Lorraine to bed men for fame. “I still don’t understand why people around her can’t rescue her from these s.e.x predators, do you have to bed her first before you give her an opportunity.

“A brand doesn’t grow overnight and s.e.x will never unlock opportunities, zvinorwadza sei mukadzi mukuru asingatye Mwari anoendesa mwana mudiki kunoti ashandiswe nzira dzebonde in the name of being a celebrity,” posted Jackie.


Zuva had to respond to Jackie’s post saying she was going to expose her. “Jackie Ngarande mainini hold your horses, you forget I am friends with Ex-wife of your best friend’s ex-husband do you remember him?

“The loud mouth who talks too much, let it be on record that I’m kindly asking you to stay in your lane or things will get ugly very fast. “Jackie Ngarande don’t f**k with me ndoshanda kuBata,” she said.

Source – H-Metro

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