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A historical lesson for Kembo Mohadi 1987 Unity Accord and its demise

A historical lesson for Kembo Mohadi 1987 Unity Accord and its demise. At a time civil servants are pleading poverty, health personnel are all on strike, hospitals are without equipment and essential drugs, the country’s foreign debt has hit $8 billion, domestic debt is unattainable, the ZANU PF led government seems to have no clue as to how the country can be saved.

Whilst the Zimbabwean economy dovetails under mismanagement by ZANU PF government, while millions are at the verge of starvation, while there seems to be no reprieve in sight for the cash, crisis, energy crisis and the hyperinflation engulfing the country, those charged with leadership find time to mourn about unimportant issues such as the 1987 Unity Accord.

Instead of mobilising all people and organisations and try to come up with solutions, a whole Vice President of a country has the audacity and luxury to ignore these pressing life and death matters to concentrate on diverting attention from them by raising dust from a water puddle.

Not only did Vice President Kembo Mohadi peddle propaganda and outright lies, but he also believed his empty rhetoric at a ZANU PF rally in Bulawayo recently.

While it is unnecessary to entertain people who use their bellies to think such as Kembo Mohadi, the mother party will take some time to educate those he may be intending to fool and those he may have already fooled. Mohadi, just like every other former ZAPU members who are now practising politics of the stomach, has developed deliberate and selective loss of memory pertaining to the 1987 Unity Accord and its demise in 2009.

First and most importantly, no champaign was popped when the document was signed. Neither were there any meaningful negotiations, but the Unity Accord was a ceasefire document that was signed as a condition for ceasing the mass murders of ZAPU supporters, perceived ZAPU supporters and generally the Ndebele people by ZANU PF government in its wild chase of the dream to establish a one-party state in Zimbabwe.

The ink that signed the document is the blood of tens of thousands of unarmed civilians killed by ZANU PF government, majority of them being children, the unborn, women, the elderly and the sick.

The village warlord from Beitbridge, who once threatened to axe a woman, having convinced himself that people don’t know anything about ZANU PF, forgot to remember that when ZANU PF registered for 1980 elections as ZANU, Ndabaningi Sithole challenged them that he was the elected and legitimate president of that party and had legal rights to it, its name and symbols.

The high Court agreed with Sithole’s argument. It is then that Mugabe remembered being part of Patriotic Front which he, with advice from Julius Nyerere, had reneged on and abandoned soon after Lancaster House talks. Thus, to differentiate themselves from the original party led by Sithole, they used the suffix PF since then.

It is then folly for Mohadi to insinuate that ZANU PF did not swallow ZAPU in 1987. It did and they managed this because they knew ZAPU respected the sanctity of life and would do anything to preserve lives of Gikurahundi victims, even giving up power.

Again, the contemporary version of Oliver Twist pleading for more from ZANU PF, Mohadi deliberately forgets that the reverse angle of the unity accord was a special congress that at first agreed to join the pact in order to stop the Genocide. Another Special Congress in 2009 allowed ZAPU to withdraw. Every due political and legal process was followed at every critical stage, which left ZANU PF and the government with absolutely no grounds for challenging the pullout both politically and legally.

That is why ZANU PF is now using its Mjibhas like Mohadi and other hangers on who are too dirty and compromised to leave ZANU PF. They remain there for two reasons; protection against prosecution for numerous crimes they committed over the years and also for economic gain. We can’t be dictated to by such people with no morals or principles.

Just like ZANU PF that was never sincere from the beginning and wanted absolute power, there is no sincerity in Mohadi mourning about ZAPU 2009 pullout of the Unity Accord. He and the other remaining cadres are no longer members of ZAPU but members of ZANU PF.

Thus Mohadi has no right to speak on behalf of ZAPU. Nkomo himself, knowing that time was to come told ZAPU to pull out of the Accord with their clean reputations.

Joshua Nkoma and Robert Mugabe

Kembo has criminal allegations against him and thus is hiding from prosecution by bootlicking those in corridors of state power. Secondly and equally important, the revival of ZAPU and pulling out of the unity accord had nothing to do with President Nkomo as an individual. This is about the revolutionary movement and the nation.

Kembo must understand that the grievances that led to the pulling out are well documented and on record. Most of the Unity Accord ‘agreement’ was not written down. It was by way of ‘understanding’ that after 2 terms Mugabe would cede power to a ZAPU candidate.

That never happened as always Mugabe would find a way to serve the first term. Mugabe never served two terms as President of Zimbabwe. He would always change the laws so that he was always serving a first term under a new law.

The other grievance was the unequal treatment of former Freedom Fighters in accessing state welfare. ZPRA cadres were discriminated against as the vetting process prior to the release of 1997 gratuities is a testimony. Whereas Zanla cadres were vetted even when they only joined the struggle at assembly points and regarded as veterans, the same consideration was denied ZPRA cadres who up to today remain unvetted.

For Kembo to pretend as if he doesn’t know the grievances is the highest order of selling out, the same tag he is trying to attach on those who genuinely are aggrieved by lack of will by the ZANU PF contingent of the pact to observe the accord.

Kembo needs to be reminded that President Nkomo’s demise came before he had the opportunity to pull ZAPU out of the pact but plans were afoot as the last resort if Mugabe and his party kept on refusing to reform. President Nkomo also warned of strife to come from within ZANU PF itself and from amongst themselves.

Those events have come to pass as he prophesied, so if Mohadi and all hangers on after ZAPU pullout truly are obedient to Nkomo they should have left ZANU PF, especially knowing as they do that as engagement for observing the unity accord were continuously ignored, ZAPU leadership had tasked the late President Dumiso Dabengwa, Thenjiwe Lesabe and Joseph Msika to put together a plan for a formal pullout.

That President Nkomo died before the timelines do not make the pullout invalid. Joseph Msika was part of the pullout but was blocked by CIO at the very last minute when he was set to address the meeting that resolved the pullout at White City.

Mohadi and his hangers-on friends are the ones who are hiding behind Dr Nkomo’s grave and lying on his name yet they are there just for their pockets and tummies. It is an open lie and shameless for Kembo to even attempt to rubbish the pullout as selling out when he is the bigger sellout who is advancing personal gain ahead of the general welfare of the people.

The village warlord and his band of hangers-on mostly found at Davis Hall are singing, clapping and dancing for a share of crumbs from ZANU PF while their people suffer marginalisation, segregation and oppression at the hands of the same party that killed tens of thousands of their people in Matebeleland and parts of Midlands.

He rightly points out that the Accord was between Nkomo and Mugabe. He may need reminding that both are deceased and also that Mugabe was no longer a member of ZANU PF at his death. So that accord, by any legal standards, is no longer enforceable, it’s null and void and it only takes loads of foolishness and desperation to be found singing, screaming and even kicking in its defences such as is being done by Mohadi and the so-called ex ZAPU contingent of ZANU PF.

Iphithule Maphosa
ZAPU National Spokesperson.

Source – Bulawayo 24 News

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