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Actress Tema Sebopedi talks about her kissing scenes

Actress Tema Sebopedi got candid about kissing scenes and the importance of on-screen chemistry. Tema took to Instagram to share her experiences regarding on-air relationships and how she managed to pull off a “real” kiss that would convince millions of viewers at home.

“After playing ‘the girlfriend’ and ‘the wife’ throughout the majority of my career, I often get asked if kissing is real. Mechanically it is and I don’t have to break that down. I suppose what ‘they’ want to know is, how does the chemistry spark through their telly. The actress has been sharing tips with her followers on how to be the best actor on TV through her Instagram page. She added that a tip for aspiring actors was to apply their tools, and that breathing, combined with physical posture and facial expressions can evoke basic human emotions.

“When you activate the energy that your character needs to express, sparks fly and the play becomes believable. It’s not just a skill. It’s got to be your gift, not for the faint-hearted. Not everyone can execute it on cue. The Throne actress also advised upcoming actors that following the instruction and direction of the director was key to honing your craft.

 Tema Sebopedi

“Always do what the director instructs, no matter how senseless it sounds or looks. It reflects an excellent work ethic that you as an actor are teachable and flexible. Your director has a broader perspective of the character and overarching narrative.

She explained that when you are in the hands of a brilliant potter “the director”, leave your inhibitions behind, be vulnerable to your craft and trust the process.

“I am certainly grateful to have worked with Wandile Magadla on The Throne. I learnt so much about myself, my abilities and overcame personal fears from working with him. Thank you for moulding me and contributing to my success.

Source: News365

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