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All married people to be listed in database

All married people to be listed in database. Bigamy occurs when a legally married person enters into a second marriage contract with another without dissolving the first. In a new development a High Court judge has called for a countrywide database of married individuals to reduce bigamy.

At the moment persons wishing to marry are required to provide passport size colour photographs and fingerprints to prevent bigamy. However, Justice Sylvia Chirawu-Mugomba said this was not enough in this era of technology.

“Every marriage officer must be mandated to search the database whether or not the person intending to marry is free from other legal impediments,” said Justice Chirawu-Mugomba.

“Additionally, or alternatively, every person who intends to marry must produce a certificate of ‘present status’ obtained from the Registrar of Marriages as a form of clearance.”

The judge made the remarks while handing down judgment in the case in which a widow, Ms Susan Mobape, was suing Master of the High Court Mr Manyadzwa Kamuchira N.O. and Ms Cynthia Chaitezvi, over maintenance from the deceased estate.

“Those found to have lied under oath about their marital status must face the wrath of the law,” the judge said. “Perhaps these measures will reduce the number of bigamous marriages.”

Source – iHarare

In other news – Madam Boss hits back at critics for wearing bum shorts

Madam Boss hits back at critics for wearing bum shorts. The actress/comedienne lit up the streets of social media yesterday when she posted pictures of herself in a bum short and a crop top.

Madam BossThe pictures caused commotion on social media with some people trolling her for her dressing. Some said her dressing was not suitable for a married woman. She replied to the critic with one of the best comebacks ever we have seen from a celebrity. It was a hilarious clap back. Check the conversation…continue reading.

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