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Hackers are giving Sbahle Mpisane a hard time

Sbahle Mpisane is in need of help from fans to get her Twitter account back. She shared on her Instagram that she missed her Twitter account after a hacker stole it last year.

Even after numerous attempts to get her account back, Sbahle explained that the hacker promised that she wouldn’t get her account back. I miss my Twitter account. It was hacked last year. The person who hacked it contacted me and told me that I won’t get it back from her,” she explained in a post on Instagram Stories. The fitness enthusiast explained that she reached out to the hacker, who threatened to post her private information.

“Because you robbed the Instagram account from me and you didn’t ask nicely. I’ll post [blurred out information] and you’ll have the taste of the good life. Famous people think they are smart. Mess with me, you’ll see for yourself. You won’t get your Twitter account today, I’m changing its username.

Sbahle Mpisane

Sbahle said recovering from her horrific accident in August last year was her main focus. I’ve dealt with a lot but my recovery is my focus.” In August she shared how suffering from amnesia after the accident almost made her forget that she’s an intelligent woman, and made her question if she could rise above her injuries.

“My traumatic injuries on both my feet made me question if I could steer myself in any direction I choose. Nonetheless, a few understood and pushed me to additionally reclaim myself and relook at my directions.”

Source: News365

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