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Brothers spend 5 years in jail for a murder they did not commit

Brothers spend 5 years in jail for a murder they did not commit. For more than five years the two brothers sat behind bars, jailed for a murder they didn’t commit. Now hip hop artists Mzamo and Andile Gwacela are free men.


Before brothers Mzamo (36) and Andile (33) did time in Durban’s Westville Prison, they were members of hip hop group 2AM, which they formed with their homeboys Mfuneni and Andile Mtolo in 2009.

They recorded one album, Refreshments before they were arrested. Their relative Qhutshiwe Gwacela was murdered a few days after Mzamo and Andile’s mother collapsed and died.

The court heard the two accused Qhutshiwe of bewitching their mum and were both given life sentences in 2012 after they were found guilty of murdering her at KwaMachi in Harding, southern KZN.

Mfuneni said he and his brother were arrested in Umbilo, Durban. “We were beaten and locked up,” he said. Eventually, they were jailed for life. “There was nothing we could do as the court had decided our fate,” he said. Mfuneni said prison life was tough.

“We didn’t know what to expect,” Mfuneni said. “We were in the same cell, but it was difficult. “We witnessed people getting killed in front of us,” “We thank God that the truth eventually came out.

“But our lives had already been negatively affected. “We paid for a crime we didn’t commit and it was painful.” The two were released after the main state witness changed his testimony and claimed cops forced him to implicate the brothers.

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