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Council managers in fist fight at Council Chambers

Council managers in a fistfight at Council Chambers. Mr Mudimba was in April this year suspended by the council’s chief executive officer Mr Zimbabwe Ndlovu over allegations of misconduct, which included coming to work late and leaving early.

NKAYI Rural District Council (RDC) chambers were turned into a boxing ring last week after the council’s treasurer Mr Lawrence Mudimba and the human resources manager Mr Butholezwe Ndlovu reportedly exchanged blows. This was after the HR manager reported Mr Mudimba to Mr Ndlovu.

Council sources told The Chronicle that Mr Mudimba and Mr Ndlovu were involved in a heated debate over corruption allegations, leading to a physical fight when the former turned up for work after winning his suspension case in court.

“The two exchanged blows after a fierce argument at the council chambers. This was after Mr Mudimba won his case against Nkayi RDC at the Labour Court.

“The court ordered the council to lift the suspension and allow Mr Mudimba to resume his duties because he had no case to answer. When Mr Mudimba reported for work Mr Ndlovu tried to block him and a fight ensued,” said a councillor who declined to be named.

He said the two accused each other of corruption, jealousy and incompetence and they ended up exchanging blows. The councillor said council was no longer concentrating on developmental issues as officials were busy plotting against each other.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Sergeant Namatirai Mashona confirmed the incident but said no official police report was made.

“It’s true that Mr Ndlovu and Mr Mudimba were involved in a fist fight. Mr Ndlovu went to the police but he didn’t make an official report on the matter.

“I think they decided to make it a civil case,” said Sgt Mashona. The chief executive officer Mr Ndlovu said he was not at work and could only comment when he goes back in a few days time. Council chairperson Mr Jameson Mnethwa could not be reached for comment.

Source – The Chronicle

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