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Couple only have s.e.x once a year as wife falls sick immediately after the act

Couple only have s.e.x once a year as wife falls sick immediately after the act. A woman who suffers from severe pelvic pain every time she is turned on only has s.e.x with her husband once every year.35-year-old Natalie Bricker, from Delaware in the US, was diagnosed with Persistent Ge_nital Arousal Disorder in 2018, which causes agonising pain and spasms in her v@g!nal wall and rectum.

The condition is so severe, Natalie can be left bedbound for four days following s.e.x and often has to hold an ice bag “down there” to help relieve the pain. The former care assistant experiences spontaneous arousal every day, which results in painful spasms which Natalie says “feels like she’s been hit by a truck”.

But, despite the pain, the former care assistant has s.e.x with husband Robert, 38, just once a year because she worries about the impact it could have on her marriage. It’s such an ordeal for the 35-year-old, that she can no longer wear tampons and has to “have a couple of drinks” before s.e.x, “just to get through it”.

“Every time I feel pleasure or arousal, my muscles contract and spasm, and when I orgasm my pelvic muscles go into spasm,” she said. “Whenever I get aroused my body goes into fight or flight mode. The pain becomes worse and worse. “It makes even walking painful. Afterwards, I get so itchy.

“It’s difficult because you feel aroused and you want to do something about it, but when you do the pain is so intense. “If I tried to m@sturbate, I would get sharp stabbing pains around my clitoris, and if I would try to walk I would be in so much pain.

“I would have to hold an ice bag down there. “My relationship with my husband has been difficult and I have a lot of insecurities. “Because we don’t have intercourse often I do have insecurities about whether or not he would cheat on me. “He’s a good man, he married me knowing the issues I have and the barriers that creates for s.e.x.

Source – iHarare

In other news – Rapper Stunner involved in a fight with a money changer: Pics

Rapper Stunner involved in a fight with a money changer. Flamboyant rapper Desmond Chideme better known as Stunner recently caused a stir at the money changers depot along Kwame Nkrumah when he decided to discipline one money changer only identified as Ngoni for harassing his daughter Celeste.

Stunner Dades

Speaking to Ngoni, the money changer laughed at the issue and said he didn’t know she was stunner’s daughter. “Stunner approached me warning me not to harass his daughter ndikamuudza kuti akanyorwa pamhanza here kuti…continue reading.

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