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DJ Maphorisa is not affected by Music Piracy

The country is enjoying new music from its favourite artists every week. We are fast approaching the festive season, where every musician is looking to have that one song that will close off the year with a bang.

Musicians put in their time, money, blood, sweat and tears into recording and producing that one hit or more – not only for their fans but to make a living as well. But there seems to be that one hurdle they all have to face – illegal downloads from illicit websites who put out their music for free.
A fan directly tweeted Fakaza (one of THOSE websites) claiming that the site is destroying musicians and their brands and as a result; starving the entertainment industry and eventually collapsing it. Websites such as the one mentioned above do this by leaking music before it released onto the legal mainstream platforms such as Apple music.

The fan went on to mention a few celebrities, including DJ Maphorisa.
As a global hit-maker, DJ Maphorisa says that he is not affected by that at all. Maphorisa is known for not holding his tongue on any troll or situation that involved him. So, naturally, he responded and said: “Not mine bro.”


@Fakaza U are destroying Careers and starving ur entertainment industry, put yourself in our talents shoes before u leak their hard work for free which costs them money and months of hard work
Recognize @casspernyovest @MrCashtime @black_motion @iam_sio @simmymusicsa @DjMaphorisa

— Craig Moatshe (@CraigMoatshe) October 16, 2019

The conversation and debate around this matter has been ongoing for the longest time and every musician who has been directly affected by piracy has gone on a rant or two. Fans who purchase or stream music legally are always in defense and ready to call those who use Fakaza (and the likes) out.

Maphorisa then tweeted that there are two people in the world, Android and iPhone users. Whichever way these people use to get their music does not matter to him because at the end of it all, he stays winning.

There’s two people in SA -Android and iPhone, note neh☝🏿

Android people download music for free but still use data so its not for free “Fakaza”

iPhone people have no choice to buy apple music,iTunes,Spotify etc.

So combine the two hence iam winning i did my research 🤗😬

— LawdOfTheHits LOTH (@DjMaphorisa) October 16, 2019

Exactly , I have always been baffled by musicians who say we are killing them by downloading songs on fakaza as if we don’t use our data that we pay for , to download their songs.

— Fiftee (@TeeMaIzzy) October 16, 2019

Source: News365

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