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Don’t judge a book by its cover: Good side of overnight celebrity Roland Muchegwa revealed

Don’t judge a book by its cover: Good side of overnight celebrity Roland Muchegwa revealed. Uncle Roland is trending in both Zimbabwe and South Africa, after multiple images of him partying with slay queens more than half his age circulated on the internet. Muchegwa has been trending under the hashtag, #RolandMuchengwa (spelling error in his name) and #RolandMuchegwa.

Controversial Zimbabwean tycoon and playboy Roland Muchegwa, popularly known as Uncle Roland, has been trending on social media for the wrong reasons. However, others have taken to social media urging people not to judge the playboy arguing that he is actually a philanthropist who helps out need people without demanding any publicity.

Zimbabwe social media personality and businessman, Kuda Musasiwa is one of the people who took to social media to remind people that they do not know everything about Uncle Roland. He highlighted that Roland was actually a benefactor to may poor Zimbabweans who would not have been able to attend University without his funds.

Writing on social media, Kuda Musasiwa said, I’m only outing the donation coz I see him trending for the wrong reason. I have never met this man. I have only ever spoken to him on WhatsApp. People calling Him ugly etc. I see a beautiful soul. A hero. He paid $10000 for strangers, kids who whee vendors and maids to learn.

#RolandMuchengwa Story: when I was raising funds do kids to go to Uni, I got a message offering to pay for Ranga’s fees but we had already covered him.

Uncle-Roland Good side

Roland then ended up donating $10000 Rtgs which helped pay for 10 kids to start UZ. He didn’t want recognition #JudgeNot.


Source – iHarare

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Stunner Dades

Speaking to Ngoni, the money changer laughed at the issue and said he didn’t know she was stunner’s daughter. “Stunner approached me warning me not to harass his daughter ndikamuudza kuti akanyorwa pamhanza here kuti…continue reading.

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