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Econet directed to clear all Ecocash wallet balances to 0.00

Former Cabinet Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, has posted a post on Twitter suggesting that Econet Wireless was ordered to clear all Ecocash wallet balances to 0.00.

Despite others claiming that the message was fake, Moyo insisted that he had got it from a trusted lawyer. He said:

This is not news, it’s information given by a respectable lawyer in a position to know. If his information is wrong, let’s have the V11!

The directive follows another one issued by the central bank, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, on 30 September ordering mobile money agents to stop cash-ins, cash-outs, and cash-backs.

Authorities argue that it mobile money agents, particularly Ecocash have been fueling and or participating in money laundering.

Below is the message purported to be from Econet Wireless to its customers:

Dear valued customer

We got an instruction under the ministerial directive to clear all EcoCash wallet balances to 0.00. We are obliged to act when directed to do so and the matter is beyond our control. All inconveniences are sincerely regretted.

Ecocash order

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Source: Pindula news

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