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Family of murdered man demands 70 cows to appease avenging spirit

Family of murdered man demands 70 cows to appease the avenging spirit. Relatives of a Mberengwa headman who was murdered by his neighbour for facilitating a botched donkey trading deal are demanding 70 heads of cattle to conduct a cleansing ritual for the deceased’s spirit.

The development comes two years after Hlupeko Mabuzane (38) struck headman Malambeni Makondo (56) of Chemimwe village under Chief Mataruse several times on the head with a wood log after the latter failed to convince his nephew Tawanda Hove to deliver a donkey purchased and paid for by Mabuzane.

Speaking to NewsDay, Chief Mataruse said representatives from the Makondo family had approached his court with their request stating that the deceased’s spirit was not at rest and seeking vengeance on the Mabuzane family unless the beasts are delivered.

“Jorum Makondo, brother to the deceased, and some family members informed my court that they need 70 beasts from the accused’s family to conduct a cleansing ceremony.

“It is usually our custom and tradition that when one murders someone, he/she has to meet certain demands from the deceased’s family to avoid being haunted by an avenging spirit,” said Chief Mataruse, adding that the case will be heard at his traditional court on October 24.

Hove said his uncle was a traditional leader and the family’s demand was lenient considering the circumstances leading to Makondo’s death.

“He was murdered for a crime he did not commit and his spirit will haunt the Mabuzane family until they adhere to our request,” Hove said.  Villagers in Murongwe village said mysterious things are happening at Mabuzane homestead and suspect that the deceased was back to haunt his murderer’s family.

“We hear that the family may wake up in the morning sleeping outside or they hear weird sounds when they are asleep. At times they hear stones being thrown onto their roof,” said a villager who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Jorum refused to talk to NewsDay and threatened to assault this news reporter for interfering in what he termed family affairs. The issue of avenging spirits once affected then Midlands Governor Jason Machaya after his son murdered an MDC activist Moses Chokuda in Gokwe in 2009, leading him to pay 35 beasts and US$12 000 in 2011 to settle the matter.

Source – NewsDay

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa

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