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#FBF with the boot!licious Erica Ndoro: Pics

#FBF with the boot!licious Erica Ndoro: Pics. Radio personal Erica Ndoro continues to live her life in a more free lifestyle that we are falling in love with each and every day. Ever since she made news about the whole Zanu PF MP girlfriend issue, we have come to keep an eye on her and see how she lives her celebrity life.

She is one of the fewest celebrities who doesn’t shy away on showcasing and living a free life without fearing judgement from people. She just expresses herself in her own unique way.


Remember when MP Wadyejena bought his expensive Lamborghini and rumours circulated that Star FM’s DJ Erica Ndoro was the woman who had stolen the heart of the Gokwe Nembudziya MP. Later on, we found out that or rather Erica spoke out dismissing the story as rumours and said she was not involved with the MP in any romantic way.


But just by taking a good gaze at the multi-talented star you will find it dificult to resist her beauty and spontaneous body. She is beautiful and gorgeous, has a stunning body one which many ladies would die for. If l was the MP l would have tried my luck with her.


Well, we decided to share with you some of the pictures of the media personality and show you how we cannot blame the MP if he had any interest in this beautiful and gorgeous human being we call Erica Ndoro.

Source – Mbaretimes

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