Former Warriors player to be discharged from hospital

Former Warriors player to be discharged from hospital. The legendary Ndlovu has been in hospital since early September after collapsing while conducting a training session with the ambitious Botswana capital-based side. Zimbabwe football legend Madinda Ndlovu is set to be discharged from a Botswana hospital today, a Gaborone United official has confirmed.

In an interview with Chronicle Sport, Gaborone United chairman Boitumelo Nsunge said the legend was also now able to speak. “He is now trying to walk but can now speak fluently. He is set to be discharged from hospital tomorrow (today),” said Nsunge.

Ndlovu was first in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as the doctors battled with his health and his response to medical care was tremendous until he was taken from the ICU and put under constant monitoring in a general hospital ward.

According to Nsunge, Ndlovu suffered a stroke due to a blood clot. Gaborone United have, in agreement with Ndlovu, since appointed Serbian national Nikola Kavazovic until the end of the season so as to allow the former Highlanders and national team winger time to fully recover.

Ndlovu left Bulawayo giants Highlanders in August this year after getting an irresistible offer from the B-mobile outfit. He had led the Botswana side to a great start as they won their opening match of the season, clobbering Gilport Lions 3-0 on August 31.

Ndlovu had been preparing for the second match of the season until the unfortunate September 8 events that saw the legend collapsing during a morning training session, triggering panic throughout the country and beyond when news broke out that he was in the Intensive Care Unit. His brothers Marko Dube and Peter Ndlovu quickly rushed to Gaborone and were with him until he regained consciousness.

Source – Chronicle

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