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Frustrated striking doctor pulls a Tajamuka show

A Frustrated striking doctor pulls a Tajamuka show. A frustrated doctor has lashed out at people making unfair judgments over striking doctors.

Said Dr-Edwin Shadreck Mbereko

Let’s make it clear. Just like you can’t walk into a pharmacy to demand drugs for free because your life depends on it, likewise, you can’t expect to get free health care from me. You have to pay for the services rendered and the government of Zimbabwe through your taxes should pay us the doctors for the services we render to you on their behalf. Period.

There is no calling. There is no voice that came to me telling me to do medicine. Actually hearing voices is a sign of psychiatric illnesses. And on the University of Zimbabwe application form, there is no section on calling. Just your 14/15 a level points and tuition fees among many other rigorous screening criteria. I read books My parents paid for school fees. I went through years of school My relatives looked after me Hence I don’t owe you sh*t…. I repeat I DON’T OWE YOU JACK.

I need to eat . I need a place to sleep. I need fuel to be able to come to work even at ungodly hours when you are sleeping.

My child needs to go to school. My wife also needs her hair and nails done just like your wives. I pay bills just like you. My parents need to be looked after as well as my in-laws. All these things I need will have to be paid for. And I don’t get them for free because I am a doctor.

There is nothing for free. I can’t walk into an ice-cream shop and ask for a free ice-cream for my son and say I don’t have to pay because I am a doctor. My stethoscope is not accepted as a means of payment anywhere in Zimbabwe.

If all this cost say 10 000 RTGS and the government offers me 2000 RTGS where do I get the 8000 to offset the difference? Where should I get the money to continue coming to work at my own expense?

Source – iHarare

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