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Its the way you dress: Gender Commission blames female students for s.e.xual molestation

Its the way you dress: Gender Commission blames female students for s.e.xual molestation. The Gender Commission which is one of the five independent commissions established by the 2013 Constitution said that universities should come up with dress codes for students to reduce incidents of s.e.xual harassment by lecturers.

The Zimbabwe Gender Commission has attracted the ire of many Zimbabweans after it shockingly suggested that female students are being s.e.xually harassed by university lecturers because of their dressing.

Speaking at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) on Tuesday Gender Commission legal and investigations manager Delis Mazambane said, to make life easier for the lecturer, the university needs to have a dress code policy.

During the weekend, the students can wear whatever they want but when attending lectures, they need to be guided on how to dress and this makes it easier for lecturers to pinpoint that ‘according to the university’s policy, you are not dressed appropriately

This approach did not go down well with many social commentators who argued that the proposed solution blames victims while absolving the true perpetrators of the crime. Below are some of the reactions from the social media site, Twitter,

Source – iHarare

In other news – Tenda buses owner arrested

Tenda buses owner arrested. Prominent Mutare businessman, Ernest Mungwari, has been arrested by the police together with another businesswoman on allegations of obstructing cops and Zimra officials from confiscating goods that had been smuggled into the country.

TENDA Buses Owner

Mungwari, who owns Tenda Buses, and Mary Njokwe (32) are set to appear in court tomorrow on obstruction of course of justice charges. Officer Commanding Mutare Central Police, Chief Superintendent Florence Marume, confirmed the…continue reading.

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