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Girlfriend of one week turns violent after being dumped

Girlfriend of one week turns violent after being dumped. Davison Ngirazi asked the court to grant a protection order against his ex-girlfriend, Khanyiso Ndlovu as he has had enough of her abuse. A Bulawayo man is now living in torment after his former girlfriend of one week subjects him to assaults and insults whenever they meet.

“She always follows me wherever I am and throws stones at me. She also insults me using vulgar language,” said Ngirazi has moved on but Ndlovu is refusing to let go.

“We fell in love for a period of a week and then separated. I am now in love with someone else. The respondent is now disturbing our affair as she makes unnecessary calls at midnight.

She is just forcing me to fall in love with her again but I have moved on and I don’t want anything to do with her. May the court assist me so that the respondent stays away from me. I don’t want to see her near me. I wish to live in peace,” said Ngirazi.

However Ndlovu said Ngirazi was just a heartless man. “I have understood everything Ngirazi said but all I can say is that he is so insensitive. He did not tell me that he was in a relationship so he was just using me,” she said.

Source – iHarare

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