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Gokwe Funeral: Women woke up without pant!es, found hanging on a tree

Gokwe Funeral: Women woke up without pant!es, found hanging on a tree. In a bizarre incident that has left Gokwe South villagers shell-shocked, women at a funeral wake miraculously woke up without their pant_ies last week.

“There was a funeral in the village at Twoboy Ncube’s homestead. As usual, villagers went to the funeral wake to comfort the Ncube family and to help with all the other necessary chores. The pant_ies were later found hanging on a tree near the homestead. Chief Mkoka confirmed the incident saying the strange happenings sent villagers in a state of panic.

“It is said that when they woke up in the morning, most women discovered that they had been stripped of their undergarments while they were asleep,” said Chief Mkoka. He told BMetro that the women were later asked to identify their pant_ies from the tree.

“Most of them were able to positively identify their pant_ies though they were scared to take them as they suspected witchcraft,” said Chief Mkoka. Chief Mkoka then summoned traditional healers and tsikamutandas to consult on the matter. They performed their rituals but failed to give the Chief a coherent explanation as to who snatched the women’s underwear.

Source – iHarare

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Blesser Roland causes chaos with SA women. Roland Muchegwa (49) is on the run from police in Zimbabwe after savagely attacking his ex-wife, mother of two Mitchell Kawome, on the 16th of September 2015 leaving her fighting for her life.

Malume Roland

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