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Govt seeks to impound Walter Mzembi and accomplices cars

Govt seeks to impound Walter Mzembi and accomplices cars. The State has in terms the Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act, moved to confiscate vehicles belonging to former Minister of Tourism, Walter Mzembi, former Tourism ministry permanent secretary, Margret Mukahanana Sangarwe, Susanna Makombe Kuhudzayi, Aaron Dzingira Mushoriwa and Grey Hama saying they belonged to the state.

The vehicles in question were bought for use before and during the hosting of the 20th UNWTO General conference in August 2013 and were registered in the name of UNWTO Trust.

On behalf of the State, Prosecutor-General Kumbirai Hodzi said that Mzembi would originate letters on the Government of Zimbabwe letterhead requesting for donations from corporates to seek donations towards hosting of the UNWTO General Assembly. He added:

The deliberate failure by Walter Mzembi to surrender the vehicle to the ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry and converting it to his personal use after the UNWTO General Assembly was theft of trust property.

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Walter Mzembi is escorted by a detective during his appearance at the Harare Magistrates Court in Harare

For the foregoing submissions, I can conclude that Walter Mzembi committed a serious offence which rendered the vehicle a tainted property and subject to forfeiture to the State. Mzembi is currently in exile and is wanted by police for a number of criminal abuse of office charges.

Source – Daily News

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