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Mugabe’s Sister praises Grace Mugabe for foiling plans to use former President’s body for Rituals

Former late president Robert Mugabe’s sister Regina Gata has praised the late leader’s widow Grace for foiling plans by people who wanted to use her brother’s body for rituals.

Gata showered her late brother’s widow Grace with praises for her heroic stance and commitment to the wishes of her late husband Robert Mugabe adding that she defended his body to the grave.

She said:

“She (Grace) stood as a hero and said she would not betray him even on his death bed.

She took care of him in life and death and defended his body so that nobody could defile it.

There are others who wanted to do traditional things on it, but we stood firm and said no.”

The late president’s relatives claimed there were people that wanted to “defile” his body for ritual purposes.

Mugabe’s family decided to bury him in Kutama after initially agreeing that his remains be interred at the Heroes Acre in Harare.

In other news – Chaos at RGM International Airport due to lack of Electricity

There was chaos at the domestic terminal of the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport today which was caused by the lack of electricity. Due to the lack of electricity, the baggage conveyor belt was not working and as a result, customers had to pick up their luggage from a tractor.

RGM International Airport chaos

At the time of publishing, we were still to ascertain what had caused the lack of electricity, as the Airport is supposed to be exempt from load shedding. continue reading

Source: HarareLive

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