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Here is Prophet T Freddy’s video that has caused a stir on social media

Here is Prophet T Freddy’s video that has caused a stir on social media. Goodness and Mercy Ministries (GMM) founder, Prophet T Freddy, who sent tongues wagging yesterday after photographs surfaced showing him with wads of foreign currency in a local clothing outlet, has dismissed claims that he was showboating.

Commenting on the photographs, Prophet T Freddy told the Daily News that the pictures awash on social media had been taken from his forthcoming video from his single, Bag.

Several social media users attacked the cleric for the pictures which they claimed deviated from the gospel. In an interview with the publication, Prophet T Freddy expressed that judging things out of context is always misleading.

“The pictures on social media expose how people are quick to judge someone. These pictures are taken from my musical video called Bag directed by Naxo films. The video talks of people who like someone because of his or her money only to disappear when days are dark,” he said.

Prophet T Freddy

He said he is not in the habit of bragging about wealth, urging people to use social media wisely. “This must be a lesson to Zimbabweans not to judge someone because of what they see on social media. It’s time we unite and comment only if we know the facts.

“It’s me who preached a sermon called ‘table manners’ and I live what I preach. I don’t go around bragging about my wealth or showing off. “I have learnt there are people who thought this is my downfall. My message to them is I am here to stay,” he added. Freddy has been dominating local radio charts with his songs, among them Munyama Wegonzo, Kastep Kenyasha and Bag.

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Source – iHarare

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