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Interesting things to know about Rhythm City actress Mapula Malofe

Rhythm City actress Mapula Malofe

Mapula Mafole, commonly known to many as Mapula Rhythm City, is a talented South African actress. She has been in the entertainment industry for a while now. Her acting prowess has made her noticeable in the local acting scene. What are her achievements in the industry so far?

Mapula Mafole biography is fascinating. The young actress has been acting professionally since 2012. She has a fighting spirit that does not allow her to quit when times become tough. She is a soft-spoken woman with a tiny body frame and a babyface. Mapula Mafole is, therefore, able to portray the character of a teenager on screen.

Her real name is Mapula Mafole, and she was born in South Africa’s North West province. Cancer is her Zodiac sign, and her nationality is South African. The beautiful actress holds an AFDA degree. She graduated in 2013.

Rhythm City actress Mapula Malofe

After her parents left, she struggled with the change in schools. She also found it rough to live the city life and would often feel isolated and lonely. She bottled up all her feelings and thoughts, which ultimately led to depression and struggles with anxiety. She would cope by locking herself up in her bedroom and sleeping for days. She would also go days without eating and would cry a lot.

She decided to seek help from a psychologist again. She was able to recollect her life. Today, the actress says that depression and mental health illnesses can be triggered by anything. She still has moments from when she struggles with anxiety and depression.

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