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Job Sikhala now hitting the gym after picture scandal

Job Sikhala now hitting the gym after picture scandal. Divine Mafa, the founder of Hende Moto, told Zimbabwe Voice that Sikhala is a national leader and if he manages his health properly, it will act as an important lesson to all those who look up to Sikhala to provide leadership in not just politics but life in general.

MDC’s national deputy chairman Job Sikhala has been offered a sponsorship package that will see him manage his diet, eat healthily and undergo a fitness program, all funded by innovative logistics firm Hende Moto.

“(Late former President Robert) Mugabe stayed a long healthy life, and as Hende Moto we want to encourage a generation of politicians that eat healthily, have access to gym and fitness facilities, and can provide good leadership to those who look up to them,” Divine Mafa, who is a health expert himself, said.

He added that Hende Moto, which recently brought innovative, economic cars to Zimbabwe, is in the process of encouraging the country’s medical doctors to provide practical solutions that lead to a healthy nation.


“We have acquired three clinics in Bulawayo and we also have more exciting health and logistics-related products cts lined up in the short term.

“A healthy country can become a great country. Sikhala is an important leader. We can’t afford to lose him. Five years from now, we could lose him, and that will be a bad thing for the country because he’s so valuable. We cannot lose him,” Mafa emphasized.

“As a healthcare expert, I have seen the dangers of failing to exercise properly. It is important for us to realize that we are beginning to suffer from Western diseases. The Honourable Job Sikhala is making a responsible decision to go on the fitness regime we have put up for him. He is doing it not just for his family, but for the nation as well.”

Leocadia Mbira, the brand ambassador for Hende Moto Healthcare, said the Zengeza legislator will benefit immensely from the personal fitness trainer and diet experts that Hende Moto has made available for the politician.

She trained side by side with Sikhala in one of his sessions and helped him push through with his training program.

“I trained with him in order to motivate him and show him that it’s all worth the while. We are looking at roping in more people who are struggling with weight, not just politicians, but other people who have weight issues but can shed kilos if their diets and lifestyles are monitored.

“Our goal regarding Mr Sikhala is to make sure that the same waistcoat that could not fit on him will soon fit and there won’t be any body-shaming directed at him,” said Leocadia in an interview with Zimbabwe Voice.

Apart from bringing fuel economic cars into Zimbabwe, Hende Moto also has its eyes set on the health and insurance sector. Sikhala trended all week and was the subject of both body shaming and cyberbullying when a photo of him putting on a waistcoat strained over his belly due to his huge frame.

Source – Bulawayo 24 News

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