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Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty could wed this week

Nicki Minaj could be married “in the next seven days” as the pastor she wants to officiate her nuptials is free. The 36-year-old rapper and 41-year-old executive Kenneth Petty obtained their marriage license in July but the couple have been waiting for a particular pastor to be free to officiate the ceremony – and it seems that maybe very soon. Nicki told E! News: “We’ve gotten our marriage license, but there’s a particular pastor who I want to officiate and so she was just made available as of today.

“She told me she’s available within the next week, so we could be married in the next seven days. However, if they do tie the knot in the next few days, Nicki won’t be wearing a traditional wedding gown as it would take her “too long” to plan.



Asked if she’s chosen her bridal gown, she said: “We’re not doing that yet… That’s too much. I can’t. There’s no way. That will take too long to plan. I’m not good with that. I’m a procrastinator, so it would come in, like, two years from now.”

The “Chun-Li” hitmaker wants to marry soon as she doesn’t want to have kids before she’s wed. She said: “I always said that I wanna be married if I have children, so just in case I have a child, then I would be married.”

The “Starships” singer also gushed about how she and Kenneth are “so sexually attracted” to one another. She said: “We’re very close as friends, ’cause we’ve known each other since we were kids, but also, we’re so sexually attracted to each other. We always wanna do it.

“People can say all they want, ‘Love is not about looks,’ or ‘Physical attraction’. Yeah right, if you’re not physically attracted to that person, bye. The only person that can tell me what to do is my man, and that’s only because he got some good D, but if he stops having good D, then not even he can tell me what to do.

Source: News365

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