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Leo Mugabe reacts to news of the late President’s secret family

Leo Mugabe reacts to news of the late President’s secret family. Leo Mugabe, the spokesperson of the family of the late former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has reportedly said that a number of people have come out alleging that they were children of Zimbabwe’s founding leader.

Speaking after one lady, Siphiwe, whom Mugabe reportedly produced with a lady only known as Gogo Mancube, has popped out, Leo said: We would not know what happened decades ago.

We getting a lot of people coming and saying ‘I am Mugabe’s child, my mother passed away’ and so forth. But as family, we are not buying into all that. All these admissions should have been made when he was still alive.

Zim Morning Post reports that a close member of the Mugabe family revealed that Mugabe was in a relationship with Gogo Mancube whom he promised to marry. He, however, would later marry Sally. The source reportedly said:

Gogo maNcube relocated to Canada with her daughter, Siphiwe, They have been living there ever since. Siphiwe now has a family of her own. On Siphiwe’s wedding, Mugabe sent a gift through his late sister Sabina, but that gift was rejected by Gogo maNcube.

Zim Morning Post further reports that the family in Canada extended their condolences to the Mugabe family through a letter they sent.

Source – Zim Post

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Rumour: Robert Mugabe had a secret family. Mugabe fathered the late Nhamodzenyika with his late first wife Sally and went on to father three other children with former first lady, Grace, namely Bona, Robert Jnr and Bellarmine Chatunga.

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