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Luminista Dambusa: Not just his snack, I’m his whole entire Grocery

Luminista Dambusa: Not just his snack, I’m his whole entire Grocery. These were the words the socialite said when she spoke of how she wants her boyfriend to feel about her. The socialite continues to shine and she is not stopping. Especially her fashion game, she is just on another level. She had this to say about her love life and life in general, as she posted new sexxy pictures.

Luminista Dambusa

Not just his snack, I’m his whole entire Grocery and he never gets out of the grocery store. Everyone you meet will have baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack. he woman carries the bag, but its the shoes that carry the woman. by Christian Louboutin.

Luminista Dambusa

She also had this innovating qoute that she said… its never been about different levels, she been in a Whole different game ALTOGETHER… #facts Now grab a pencil and paper kids and take notes. Allow Mother to school you. 📒


She continues with her life inspiring qoutes…The greatest battles there are no winners, only survivors. You want to trace a path to greatness, you start with Defeat, Loss , Rejection. You want to be endlessly motivated, Failure is key.

Luminista Dambusa

There are two reasons why i do not compete.

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Man and Woman stuck together during S.E.X – Pictures

There are some things that are very difficult to understand or rather difficult to explain. Pictures we gathered from social media show a man and woman stuck together while having s.e.x. A simple google search will tell you that the condition is called Pen!s captivus. This is is a rare occurrence during intercourse when the muscles in the vag!na clamp down on the pen!s much more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the pen!s to be withdrawn from the vag!na.

Man and Woman Stuck Together during sex

We would gladly take that simple explanation if only the couple were not cheating. According to the social media posts, the man is said to have been sleeping with a married woman… continue reading.


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