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Madzibaba help woman grabbed by mermaids underwater for 2 weeks

Madzibaba help woman grabbed by mermaids underwater for 2 weeks. Claris Chuma disappeared at Sebakwe River some three weeks backs and only came back last week. A 34-year-old Buhera woman claims that she was grabbed by mermaids and held underwater for 2 weeks.

Chuma says she disappeared mysteriously while she was fishing with her sister Melody Chuma. “A whirlwind engulfed the place and when I turned back to look for my sister, she was nowhere to be found,” said Melody.

Claris’s aunt Angeline Nyamanda confirmed her niece’s claims. “Claris went missing and but I could not believe she was taken by a mermaid. I told myself she had run away somewhere. We went to churches to seek for help, some churches claimed two beasts for us to find our daughter and we were willing to pay,” said Nyamanda.

Her sister Melody was told that Claris was underwater with mermaids after consulting with Johanne Masowe echishanu prophet Madzibaba Edborn. It was after an intense prayer vigil was held that she came out of the water miraculously, holding a basket full of traditional medicines, snails and her body was white in colour.

Said Claris about her ordeal. “The whirlwind engulfed me and I fell into the small river, I was taken by three girls with long hair which stretches to its bottom half. I was taken to a place under the water for two weeks and was forced to eat fish, snails and was threatened that if l refuse to eat I could die.

Source – iHarare

In other news – Blesser Roland causes chaos with SA women

Blesser Roland causes chaos with SA women. Roland Muchegwa (49) is on the run from police in Zimbabwe after savagely attacking his ex-wife, mother of two Mitchell Kawome, on the 16th of September 2015 leaving her fighting for her life.

Malume Roland

The police and her family want to hear from anyone who may have information on his whereabouts. He is a very dangerous and violent man and should not be confronted or approached except by the…continue reading.

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