Marondera to have a cannabis farm

Marondera to have a cannabis farm. A United Kingdom (UK)-based medicinal cannabis firm, Eco Equity has begun work on its first state-of-the-art green house here in preparation for the cultivation of cannabis (mbanje) for health purposes. The firm said it had partnered with Dutch greenhouse manufacturer, DutchGreenhouses and Australian cannabis company, Delta Tetra to ensure the plant meets the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. Eco Equity said it was working with a team from Delta Tetra with the process of writing, implementing and training the Eco Equity team on GMP certification, as the cultivation process moves on to the next stage.

In a statement released this week, Eco Equity announced that it has employed agricultural experts and a professional grounds team to undertake the construction of the greenhouse in Marondera.

Jon-Paul Doran, Eco Equity CEO, said: “We are delighted to be on schedule with work beginning on our first greenhouse in Zimbabwe. After months of planning, we have moved on to the next exciting phase of our project and we are already seeing the first pictures of the work undertaken.


“We believe we have the perfect site in terms of both location and climate to cultivate the optimum quality cannabis, which we can use for medicinal purposes. We have employed experts from around the globe to ensure our facilities are cutting edge as we look to provide an alternative natural cure.”

The company is also upholding its promise to give back to the local community after providing firewood to the local communities in Marondera, continuing the company’s stated mission to help rebuild the Zimbabwe economy through its medicinal cannabis investments.

Doran said the company had since acquired a licence for the cultivation of cannabis, manufacture of products, supply, store, import and export for medicinal purposes and or scientific use.

“The company, in association with Zimbabwe ministry of health, will develop; own and operate a medicinal cannabis facility in Zimbabwe with the objective to export the products derived from the facility to Canada, USA and Europe.

“With a combination of research, development, cultivating, growing and manufacturing our mission is to advance the medical extracts, related products and sector as a whole by educating the Zimbabwe community and developing products that are safe, effective and affordable for export,” he said.

Last year, the government made it possible for both individuals and companies to apply for licences to grow cannabis. Previously, production and possession of the drug was illegal and attracted a sentence of up to 12 years. However, the recreational use or possession of the drug remains illegal.

Source – NewZimbabwean

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