MDC criticises RBZ over its RTGS$100 Cash-out, Cash-In conditions

MDC criticises RBZ over its RTGS$100 Cash-out, Cash-In conditions. The MDC has castigated the decision by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to cap cash-in and cash-out mobile money transactions at ZWL$100.00.

MDC Secretary for Elections, Jacob Mafume, said the $100 is not enough to buy something meaningful and will force citizens to do multiple transactions. Writing on Twitter, Mafume said:


Probably some foreign currency guzzling big wig forever on trips RBZ official thinks 100 Zim nonsense can buy a lot. It’s not US dollars and this just increases the cost to the person as one has to do multiple transactions. Its breathtaking stupidity on a bronco.

The central bank on Monday ordered mobile money operators to suspend cash-in and cash-out transactions in a move meant to contain the rampant abuse of the platforms by cash barons.

However, the apex bank reversed the move 48 hours later but limited transactions to only $100 from $500 that was in place before Monday’s ban.

In Other News – 39 Years-old Ugandan Woman Gives Birth to 44 Kids

A Ugandan woman who is considered to be the world’s most fertile woman has given birth to 44 kids while she is only 39 years of age. Mariam Nabatanzi said her hormones aren’t compatible with oral contraceptives. She has given birth to six sets of twins, four sets of triplets and five sets of quadruplets.

39 Years-old Ugandan Woman1

In total, she gave birth to 44 children but six died from complications that often arise in multiple births. Mariam’s husband abandoned his family three tears ago and she has the burden of taking care of the children by herself. continue reading

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