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Meet Pokello’s hot friend Loloskloset

We don’t know much about this beautiful stunning human being but her pictures are worth viewing even though we don’t know her that much yet. What we know so far about this hottie is that she is friends with self-proclaimed Queen of Swagger Pokello Nare. She is a student and a brand influencer for Leaux Leaux.


Leaux Leaux is a Global based brand which operates as the umbrella of the Leaux Leaux sub-brands. The Leaux Leaux sub-brands include, Leaux Fashion, Leaux Leaux Luxury Events, Leaux Leaux Fitness, Leaux Consultancy as well as the Leaux Magazine.


Paloma the Founder of Leaux Leaux, is a successful entrepreneur who has successfully branded, launched and operated her own retail business. Paloma has used her personal experience to build a brand that provides a utopia and euphoric experience for all its customers and subscribers. Our core values are to provide customer service and experience that is next to perfection and unmatched. All our products and services are bespoke and tailor-made to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients and customers.

She is in a good mood after completing her crucial module, she wrote

Lolo Pic

Completed a crucial module today. Brand challengešŸ˜© so what happens is the uni puts you in a group with different degrees and you create your own agency (copywriter, strat, creative etc). You come up agency name and identity. Then you have an actual client to service. The client briefs were hectic, some teams fought, some people pulled out .. Our team presented to the panel for the last time today.


Our concept and executions were solid and I know the client will love it. This has been the most difficult stage of my degree and Iā€™m glad itā€™s over. Iā€™m so ill today, I actually lost my voice but this picture of me on campus in my @innomorolongĀ sunglasses is my mood today šŸ’›

Check the stunning pictures of this amazing human being…

Source – MbareTimes

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