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Meet Roland Muchegwa, the man who was spotted with different yellow bones

Meet Roland Muchegwa, the man who was spotted with different yellow bones. While people were still coming to terms with the fact that Roland Muchegwa epitomises the notion that money can buy you anything, authorities in Zimbabwe caught a break after the fugitive surfaced as a trending topic Social Media.

Who is Roland Muchegwa and why is he a wanted man?

Social media was abuzz, on Thursday, after pictures of the guy went viral, showing a group of girls partying it up with a man that has since been identified as Roland Muchegwa or his nickname Uncle Rolen.

Roland Muchegwa

According to reports from Zimbabwe, Roland Muchegwa is a 51-year-old who may be on the run from authorities in the country. It is believed that Roland Muchegwa, the father of two children, was accused of assaulting his former wife, Mitchell Kawome, back in 2015. It seems that for four years, Roland Muchegwa has evaded capture. As it turns out, the viral blesser has been living it up in South Africa this entire time.

Uncle Rolen

Viral blesser surfaces in South Africa

On Thursday, pictures showing two girls dancing at a petrol station went viral — and it was not due to their talents. Towards the 0:08 mark of the video attached below, a man — believed to be Roland Muchegwa, appeared in the footage ( We only have the pictures).

Roland Muchegwa

People on social media were left speechless by the clear age gap between Muchegwa and these girls. Soon afterwards, more images surfaced, showing the blesser pictured with different women. The opinion is divided on what may have drawn the women to Muchegwa.

Uncle Roland

However, it is clear — judging by how comfortable they seem around him — that they may have no clue that the 51-year-old is a wanted man in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe authorities have yet to issue a statement on the matter.

Source – The South African

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