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Minnie Dlamini-Jones stands tall and proud, reminding us of her strength

Minnie Dlamini-Jones has been through the most lately – The beautiful entertainer lost her brother recently and has been in mourning – However, she’s standing tall and proud, and inspiring us with strength.

Almost two weeks ago, Minnie Dlamini-Jones lost her brother, Khosini Dlamini, who passed away in hospital. He had suffered a brain aneurysm earlier in September which left him on life support for 23 days. It has been a difficult time for Minnie and her family, but she’s once again serving as an inspiration to her fans. She’s standing tall, proud and beautiful and it’s amazing to witness.


Minnie Dlamini spoke out for the first time since Khosini’s passing just over a week ago. It was clear that the passing of her brother has hit like a ton of bricks. She also broke our hearts with an emotional dedication to her brother three days ago. Minnie shared a heart-wrenching tribute to Khosini. Despite the difficult time she’s been going through, Minnie is still staying strong and that’s what inspires us so much. Minnie is often reminding us of her power as a woman, not always through the way she acts and the things she says, but sometimes with the look in her eyes and the resolve she carries on her shoulders.

Source: News365

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