More pictures of the hotties that attended Ginimbi’s all-white party

More pictures of the hotties that attended Ginimbi’s all-white party. Well, the wait is over the ladies are starting to post their pictures at Ginimbi’s all-white party that took place last Thursday at his Club Dream where he offered free Champaigne (Shampopo) to all those who attended the bash. The bash was attended by a mix of people, celebrities and ordinary people all were present at the event.

Ginimbi is well known for celebrating his birthday in this kind of style. Here are some of the pictures of the hottest ladies that attended the party. Check the pictures below…

Luminista Dambusa Jemwa

Luminista Jemwa

CLASS IN SESSION: You don’t find your worth in a man by the value he places on you. You find your worth within yourself and then find a man who is worthy of you. Remember that kids

Miss V Candy

Miss V Candy

The Star FM radio presenter was also there and she looked stunning…

Ms Shally

Ms Shally

Ginimbi’s manager Ms Shally looking amazing in her all-white dress showing off some skin…


Black bone

Blackbones were also being represented and ooh man you can’t even dare to challenge, the woman…


Even the thick ones had representatives

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Tenda buses owner arrested

Tenda buses owner arrested. Prominent Mutare businessman, Ernest Mungwari, has been arrested by the police together with another businesswoman on allegations of obstructing cops and Zimra officials from confiscating goods that had been smuggled into the country.

TENDA Buses Owner

Mungwari, who owns Tenda Buses, and Mary Njokwe (32) are set to appear in court tomorrow on obstruction of course of justice charges. Officer Commanding Mutare Central Police, Chief Superintendent Florence Marume, confirmed the…continue reading.

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