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Plumtree Town secretary suspended

Plumtree Town secretary suspended. In an interview Plumtree Town Council Chairperson, Mr Fanisani Dube said the local authority had resolved to suspend Mr Luthe pending further investigations on unclear land issues during a special full council meeting that was held on Monday.

Plumtree Town secretary Mr Davis Dumezweni Luthe has been suspended for allegedly issuing 61 residential stands unprocedural. He said an acting town secretary will be appointed today.

“After realising some discrepancies with regards to some stands that were issued we launched an internal investigation as a council and requested Mr Luthe to produce reports for clarity.

“The reports and documents he produced were not satisfactory and as a council we resolved to suspend him with effect from today (yesterday).

“We have now handed the matter over to the Ministry of Local Government pending further investigation. According to the Urban Councils Act the suspension can extend up to six months and further action will be taken depending on the outcome of the external investigation,” he said.

In a suspension letter addressed to Mr Luthe, Mr Dube stated that Mr Luthe had been suspended over unclear issuance of 61 residential stands to an investor Mr Charles Moyo, a 56 000 square metre mall stand, a funeral parlour stand measuring 720 square metres among other issues.

“This letter serves to inform you that council has resolved to suspend you from all your duties as the town secretary of Plumtree Town Council in accordance to section 139 (3)(a) of the Urban Councils Act Chapter 29:15. The reasons for the suspension are that the issue of 61 residential stands allocated to an investor, Mr Charles Moyo remains unclear even after two reports were submitted.

“The resolution stated that 61 stands be allocated to the investor yet only 43 stands were pegged since 2007 and remain undeveloped. Payment of these 61 stands isn’t clear. The mall stand number 657 measuring 56 000 square metres remains undeveloped and not clear how it was purchased including the availability of an offer letter and or a lease agreement,” he said.

Mr Dube further stated in the notice of suspension that a 720 square metre funeral parlour stand remained underdeveloped and required clarity on its ownership. He said the Kombani Lodge stand which was issued to Mr Charles Moyo needed clarity as land ownership was not clear.

He said another issue was non billing of the development fee to Mr Moyo as per council resolution to bill clients that failed to develop within a certain period.

“Your first report states that there was no written contract between Plumtree Town Council and Kombani Africa with regards to share ownership. However, council believes there was a resolution to that effect.

“Further investigations should be carried out to verify this agreement or its non-existence. Failing to implement council resolutions within a reasonable time is not acceptable. “In conclusion council has decided to effect a suspension in order to pave way for further investigations by a special commission set by our parent ministry,” read the letter.

Source – The Chronicle

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