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Police officer mistakenly shoots partner during an investigation



9mm pistol, bullets and euro banknotes on old wooden table

Police officer mistakenly shoots partner during an investigation. According to Tell Zim , the police officers were tracking one Chengetai Musiyarira who was carrying a firearm in his pocket.

A police officer mistakenly shot and injured his colleague who had accompanied him to apprehend a firearms owner in Rujeko C. They caught up with him in Ingwe Drive and did a body search to which Chengetai complied and handed over the gun to one Detective Constable Masendu.

As Masendu began to unload the firearm, he accidentally discharged it and the bullet hit one Constable Nyambuwa just below the abdomen and the bullet went through his intestines.

He was rushed to Makurira Memorial Clinic from where he was referred to Masvingo Provincial Hospital where underwent a successful operation to remove the bullet. He is currently in the intensive care unit.

Source – iHarare

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